Higher Ground Tree Removal is unique in that we only bring the
equipment that’s needed for the job. This can save you money and
also minimize the impact on your property as a result of taking down trees.

Something else to consider is that we are also a firewood company. Although we
send some logs to the mill, we process most of the trees for firewood. The
price we charge for tree removal includes credit for any hardwood that we
can use for firewood.

Many people have hired us to expand their yards. Over the years trees grow
tall and lean over the yard blocking the sun. This allows moss to grow in
places where you want grass. Also, trees shading the house can lead to moss on the roof and mildew on the siding which can shorten the lifespan of both.

When Higher Ground Tree performs tree removal for you, you can expect:

  • We take the wood.
  • We chip the branches and take the chips with us.
  • We neatly cut the stumps low to the ground.
  • We clean up after ourselves.

If necessary, we can refer you to a company that grinds stumps.

We are fully insured for liability and workers comp.

Looking for fire wood? Click here: https://www.highergroundtreenh.com/fire-wood/